Vitamin A / Retinol

Vitamin A / Retinol is a leading anti-aging active ingredient that retexturises skin and corrects the appearance of deep wrinkles. SVR has selected two forms of pure vitamin A, one of which is encapsulated for efficacy at all levels of the epidermis and optimal tolerance for sensitive skin, for skin is left feeling smoothed and refined.
Laboratoire SVR UK - Ampoule [A] Lift ConcentrateLaboratoire SVR UK - Ampoule [A] Lift Concentrate

Ampoule [A] Lift Concentrate

Highly concentrated 7 day retexturising retinol anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle serum for sensitive skin.
Laboratoire SVR UK - [A] Microgommage 2in1 Scrub LiftLaboratoire SVR UK - [A] Microgommage 2in1 Scrub Lift

[A] Microgommage 2in1 Scrub Lift

0.1% pure retinol exfoliating face mask for smoothed, nourished and retexturised skin.
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